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the programme

25 Modules

February – November

Canterbury wide

What you'll learn?

The modules are designed to challenge the graduates and be intensive and interactive. We rely on the graduates employer teaching them the operational aspects of dairy farming with the real focus of the programme being the management and ownership decision making aspects. Graduates are required to prepare and for some modules, compile case studies and provide them to the presenter.

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Some Of Our Module Presenters:

Chris Gibbs

Sarah Watson
Personal And People Development

Nathan Back
Animal Health

Some Module Examples:


Personal development


Financial development


NZ dairy industry fundamentals


Pasture management essentials


Opening your mind- challenging the status quo




Environmental compliance


Banking basics

our objectives

Growing The Next Generation Of Farmers

The 2024 Grassroots Dairy Management Programme is coming up fast! Interested in applying to our programme? View our objectives of the programme below.

Attract Ambitious Graduates

We want to attract ambitious graduates who show potential, on to farms of reputable farmers out of university.

Help Fast Track Graduates

We will provide the selected graduates the skills to help fast track into management and decision making positions.

Support Future Leaders

Challenge the status quo by showing university graduates that there is a dairy industry specific graduate programme available.

Enable Successful Careers

Our objective is to enable successful careers in the dairy industry for our graduates.

how does it work?

Let our graduate programme take your dairy career to the next level

We will assist you (if necesary) in obtaining employment with a reputable, supportive farmer that has signed up to the Graduate Programme. You’ll be paid to attend the 25 modules run throughout the year and offered a competitive salary, similar or better to that offered in other rural professional graduate programmes.


  • Graduated with a Degree from a university  (doesn’t have to be an agricultural qualification!) within 3 years of application.
  • Ready to join the workforce in a full time capacity.
  • Motivated, eager to learn and progress in the industry.
  • Entitled to stay in NZ indefinitely.

Dairy Grad Programme

  • Advertises and recruits graduates.
  • Screens applicants.
  • Assists Grads in obtaining employment if necessary.
  • Administers the programme.


  • Hires the graduate on an employment agreement.
  • Pays an administration fee to the Grassroots Dairy Management Graduate Programme.
  • Helps facilitate 2 modules.
  • Provides a great working environment, sociable roster, learning culture and competitive pay.