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Apply To Receive A Graduate

grow your team

Do you run a  dairy farm and feel you can really help our graduates in the programme progress through their career and learn essential industry knowledge to flourish in the Dairy Farming sector?

Partnering your farm with our Grassroots Dairy Management Programme will ensure that you’re getting a full time, graduate level, driven and passionate employee who is working their hardest to be the best they can be. The programme turns these students into leaders, and you will be a part of this development! To be eligible you’ll need to ensure you can meet the programme requirements for employment and pay a reasonable administration fee.

apply to employ a graduate

your role in the
grassroots programme

  • Employ a graduate in a full time employment agreement.
  • Sign a memorandum of understanding to the Grassroots Dairy Management Graduate Programme.
  • Pay the required placement fee to the Grassroots Dairy Management Graduate Programme for the recruitment and administration of the course.
  • Help to present/facilitate at two of the modules.
  • Provide a great working environment – sociable roster, learning culture, competitive pay rates.

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